alien flag as an indication of a greeting                                  letter already read                                  turquoise covered table, hiding a singing person                                  veins for heaters, warm blood and spoken vampires                                  lyrics with repeated verses                                  cake made of yoghurt                                  ten-ten in sportswear                                  candies to be discovered                                  someone talking to me through the headphones                                  fly-tipping                                  wet bed covered in stones                                  sand meditation and spiral stickers                                  feta is not visa                                  marble ashtrays, non-smoker craftsman                                  singing sausage                                  unwanted bouquet                                  tv on the sink

Learning from Georges

June 20 - July 11, 2015

Group show at Fokidos, Athens. Curated by Georges Jacotey.

Hannah Black, Enrico Boccioletti, Jennifer Chan, Jesse Darling, echo+seashell, Cédric Fargues, Zoe Giabouldaki, Caspar Heinemann, Valentinas Klimašauskas, William McBride, Kimmo Modig, Petros Moris, Peristeri On, Filip Olszewski, Mathew Parkin, Tristan Stevens, Valinia Svoronou & Olga Papadimitriou, Saoirse Wall

*Sorry for the lame flyer. It’s Georges feeling the acropolis.*

Dear you / Enemy,

Georges, oh, is very tired. You would be, too, if you'd have to deal with career pressure & your homeland falling apart. Oh, Georges.

Somehow, Georges has tons of love. That's how Georges curates: by loving the artists more than the audience or the artists themselves, zeroing out self-doubt, is how.

Georges raises the emotional bar like it's the affect olympics. Ser Groeg.

After this show, each of us will simply do another thing, or die. We hope this show gives you life like someone else used to, before.

A show is nothing but an excuse to feel and belong. B tell.

I spent 10 days in Fokidos, in the guest room, sweating from fever most of the time. I can't remember the name of the dog there, but Sofia insists she's a he, and, fittingly, the dog's name is a male one in the cold Finnish language you saved.

Ask Sofia she'll tell you.

Kimmo Modig - Surrender, 2014

Petros Moris - Debris (gray), 2015

Zoe Giabouldaki, Caspar Heinemann, Jesse Darling - Installation view

Zoe Giabouldaki - You texted me that you think about your ass, 2015

Caspar Heinemann - Not Yet Titled, 2015

Jesse Darling - After Felix, for Georges, 2015

Kimmo Modig, Tristan Stevens - Installation view

Kimmo Modig - Greetings From The North, 2015

Tristan Stevens - Home is where the heart is, 2015

Tristan Stevens - Home is where the heart is (Details), 2015

Tristan Stevens - Create a sand spiral (Instructional Video, wikiHow article), 2015

Mathew Parkin - Untitled, 2015

Valinia Svoronou - Death Dealer, 2015

Jesse Darling- After Felix, for Georges, 2015

Petros Moris - Debris (red), 2015

Valentinas Klimašauskas - A letter from your Neanderthal friend, 2015

Saoirse Wall - Wet Work, 2015

Valinia Svoronou - Death Dealer, 2015

Fuckidos TV (DVD menu still)

echo+seashell - Stone Shelter, 2014

Hannah Black - Team Jolie, 2014

William McBride, Clothes Video (Video still), 2014

Jennifer Chan - Infinite Debt, 2013

Enrico Boccioletti - Angelo Azzuro, 2014

Mathew Parkin - Currently Untitled (Video still), 2015

Here is my windchime sausage, locked in the fridge, freshly preserved, a representation of my chastity. I invite you all to open that fridge and feel free to play and make your own melody with it.

Cédric Fargues - Chastity, 2014

Filip Olszewski - Untitled, 2015